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About Senselock

Founded in 1995, 北京深盾科技股份有限公司 is a worldwide leading provider in software protection industry. With our professional R&D team focus on software and hardware, Senselock owns a complete product line and advanced management system. As a high-tech cooperation, Senselock owns core technologies of software copyright protection that have granted patentsin China, US and European.

Headquartered in Beijing, Senselock sets branch offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu,and established matured relationship with overseas distributors covering Asia, European, Americas and Middle East Countries.

Actingas a "Reliable Professional Partner" as promised, Senselock now is serving more than 5,000 long-term users in China and overseas market, withfirst-class product quality and after-sales services.  Senselock established collaboration relationship with many international software companies, such as Microsoft,PHILIPS, SONY (China), SIEMENS (China), UFIDA Software Co. Ltd., Kingdee International Software Group CompanyLimited, Founder Group, to name but a few.

With the experience in leading the trends of software protection development in thepast 18 years, Senselock has built a systematic service platform in fulfillingthe rapid growing demands of top security protection from the softwaredevelopers. Senselock is playing a key role of innovator in the worldwide software protection industry

   · Senselock 2nd generationdongle, the self-innovation with built-in microprocessor in the softwareprotection industry.

   · Senselock 3rd generationdongle, bringing in the self-invention of hardware programmable.

   · Senselock 4th generationdongle, the first time in world, to bring smart card technologies into dongle.

   ·In 2007, Senselock was supported by the program ‘Technology Innovation Fund’ of MOST(The Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China).

   ·In 2008, Senselock was grantedas one of ‘Top 10 Potential Small and Medium Sized Enterprise (SMEs) in Zhong Guancun Science Park, Beijing, China’.

   ·In 2010, Senselock multi-application software copyright protection system, activating for public end-users, is sponsored by ‘China National High-tech R&D Program’ together with government financial support.

Each of these milestones has helped us become the leading software protector we are today, with operations spanning Asia, Americas, European, Africa etc. Thanks to our hard-working employees, professional R&D team and worldwide distributors proven operational skills with software protection products and solutions, Senselock is researching in technology innovation, and prompting product customizes to provide the top user experience for our clients. Meanwhile, Senselock is ideally positioned to deliver competitive, reliable and professional solutions that can help drive the software industry.

Senselock, your reliable and professional partner.