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PCKii is an ideal choice  to protect Business Securities and Sensitive Data for  PC and laptop users.  PCKii protects information stored in your computer and portable storage devices in all formats, such as documentations, pictures, videos,even applications or software, to name but a few. office supply for bank, insurance and accounting offices, government system, law firm and other industries that requires high-level information security.

PCKii Professional STD Version

Numbers of virtual safes: unlimited
Capacity of virtual safes: unlimited
Additional USB storage: 8GB

- Dual protection: PCKii hardware key and password
- Easy-to-use and Fast-to instal
- Safe from hackers and viruses
- High adaptability: protect data on desktops, laptops, USB flash drives, and external hard drives
- Flexible usage: One PCKii to multi-computers or one computer to multi-PCKiis
- Multiple functions: Additional USB flash drive space, file compression with encryption capability, and file shredding capability
- Product customizable on large orders

With the PCKii, you can easily create a virtual safe or safes to hold your important files and private information, in exactly the same way as regular portable hard disks do. PCKii is the only key to opening the safe(s): When the PCKii is inserted into a USB port of your computer, the safe(s) will show up, and the protected files/folders are decrypted automatically; when the PCKii is unplugged from the computer, the safe(s) will disappear, and the protected files/folders are automatically encrypted. Without the PCKii, information stored in the virtual safe(s) can not be accessed, even if the devices holding the data, such as the computer’s hard disks, portable hard disks, or flash drives, are lost, stolen, or under repair.

PCKii protects your data with following 4 simple steps

Step1. Plug in PCKii main key (Mini USB stick with a leather case/ Standard USB Key with a leather case).

Step2. Install PCKii program following the PCKii installation wizard.

Step3. Create virtual safes and put important files inside these safes.

Step4. Unplug PCKii Key, virtual safes disappear and files in these safes are encrypted.