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SDK02-2, a time-based token,enables strong authentication by positively identifying user with one-time passwords. Based on the background algorithm, this token automatically generates a one-time password sequence. By identifying users without device connection, SDK02 enable user access with zero-footprint. SDK02-2 provides the most easy-to-use and cost-effective two-factor authentication for enterprises to manage user accessing, gives strong protection to sensitive information, internet-based business activities and online transactions.

High Flexibility to Customize

Support second-development to authentication system.

Case appearance customizable.

OTP digits and time interval customizable.

Easy to Use

Enter one-time-password to get authentication. Users are free to read any guide book or manuals.

Long Product Lifetime

Powered by battery technology, product can normally function 3, 5, 8 years.

Dual Protection

Get authentication by something you know plus something you have.

High Performance Hardware

Moisture-proof, water-proof, shock- proof.

Casing Material



Operating Temperature

Operating Moisture

Drop Resistant

Signal radiation

Battery Lifetime

Time Interval

OTP Length

Seed Length

Other Physical Features                

ABS Engineering Plastics

51 x 25.8 x 9.2mm


-10°C ~50°C (14 ~122°F)

5%-90% water-proof

at least 1 meter

compliance with EN55022

5 years

60 seconds, customizable

6/8 digits, customizable

160 bit

Anti-electromagnetic radiation (High-frequency/ Low-frequency)/ Antimagnetic/ UV resistance