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SDK02-3 gives an effective solution to the man-in-the-middleware (MITM) attack by adopting two-factor authentication with challenge-response capability. Equipped with an on-board key pad, SDK02-3 can function as either time-based token or a challenge-response token, it could provide additional protection by asking a PIN code when user turns the device on, so that avoids one-time-password expose to risks.

SDK02-3 offers a user-friendly, cost-efficiency and high-security solution, enables a strong protection to online transaction and e-signature authentication.

High Flexibility to Customize

Support second-development to authentication system.

Support international standards and domestic standard algorithm.

Case appearance customizable.

Easy to Use

Enter one-time-password to get authentication. Users are free to read any guide book or manuals.

Low-power Designing

Product can well-function for 5 years.

Two-factor AuthenticationProtection

Duel-authentication by something you know plus something you have.

High Performance Hardware

Moisture-proof shock- proof, drop-proof.

All function will be destroyed once case open.

Casing Material

Button Material

Button Life


Operating Temperature

Operating Moisture


Signal radiation

Battery Lifetime

Device Active PIN

OTP Length

Seed Length

Other Physical Features    

ABS Engineering Plastics


200,000 keystrokes


-10°C ~50°C (14 ~122°F)


≥1 meter

compliance with EN55022

5 years

6 digits

8 digits, customizable

≥160 bit

Anti-electromagnetic radiation (High-frequency/ Low-frequency)/ Antimagnetic/ UV resistance