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Elite EL Enveloper for Microsoft .NET Assemblies Protection is Released

Beijing  March 1, 2013

Senselock is pleased to announce the release of Elite EL .NET Enveloper, an Elite EL device based warping protection tool for Microsoft .NET assemblies.

EL .NET Enveloper helps you reduce time and effort that you spend on software protection. Users can simply add the encryption code to compiled binaries code to prevent software license abuse, without modify thesource code of software. EL .NET Enveloper supports encryption for each method and binding authorization function at the same time, thereby limiting the using frequency and using times for methods.

Different to other wrapping protection tools, EL .NET Enveloper binds the protection shell with an EL device, so that software runs properly only if the bound EL device is plugged in. To increase the difficulty of de-shelling and protection strength, EL .NET Enveloper also offers anti-debugging, device detection and symbol obfuscationwhile software is running.

About Senselock

Founded in 1995, Beijing Senselock Software Technology CO., Ltd is one of the leading providers in information security field. Not only has the first-class software and hardware R&D team, SenseLock also has a complete product line and advanced management models. Now it is providing services to more than 5,000 long term users worldwide. As high-tech cooperation, SenseLock owns the core technologies of software copyright protection that have granted patents in China, US and European. SenseLock is always committing itself to become a specialist provider of information security solutions in world wide.