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Gained 8,000,000 RMB National Support

Beijing April 24, 2012

According to [2009] No.1886 document “Replies on Industrialization of Information Security Products in 2009” issued by National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). The project named Multi-application Software Copyright Protection System Industrialization has been successfully listed in the 2009 National High-tech Industry Development Project Plan, with national special financial support, 8M RMB (approximately 1.2M USD). This is another milestone for Senselock after being reward of support from “Technology Innovation Fund” found by Ministry of National Science and Technology in 2007.

"National High-tech Industry Development Project Plan" is essential to national economyand social development plan. It aims to promote high-tech industry development and the industrialization of scientific and technological achievementswith participation of whole society, under the supports from NDRC and the Ministry of Finance. The Plan has extremely strict examinations on scale, technology development, project implementation capacity, corporate credit of applicants. Joining the Plan implies having great supports on technology research, financial assistance. With a successful approval, the commitment to the Plan marks Senselock has gained capabilities to undertake national scientific projects.

"Multi-application software copy protection system industrialization" as a specific item of information security products industrialization, its objective is to reform the the traditional business model of information security , and to explore and create new end-user oriented way in use of mature, reliable, advanced smart card and license management technology, based on the Internet to build a "Key Using and Sharing Authentication / Encryption Services Platform ". The implementation of the project will integrate various industrial recourses to stimulate the potential of general software market on behalf of all participants.