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2011 Concours Lepine Innovation – EL Genii Awarded Big

Paris, France   May 9, 2011

EL Genii, the smallest software protection dongle that, with Code-Port technology, was awarded the 3rd prize at a glittering ceremony under the patronage of Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy, President of the France Republic.

For preparation of this great expo, Senselock assigned two important figures to join; the R&D Manager and International Business Manager. The former made a great impression of Juries with an easy demo to give a full image that how EL Genii could achieve extremely high-secured mission of software protection and fit in such a tiny space, 2.8g in weight and coin-sized.

The award was not only a pre-expected result for Senselock, but also the payoff of hard work and long term research and development by Product and R&D Departments.

Since the first launch in 2010, EL Genii have reached a great achievement on protecting software on blade servers and laptops. Its sales figure was built by customer satisfaction domestically and overseas. Senselock is looking forward to winning more market share for its superb slimness to offer the most cost-effective software protection solution for software venders.