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Elite Dongles Convoys China Railway

Beijing April 18, 2012

Recently, Senselock has signed long-term contract with Third Survey and Design Institute Group, Ltd. (TSDI) and Fourth Survey and Design Institute Group, Ltd(FSDI) of China Railway specify Elite dongles to commit the copyright protection for project budget and data analysis software using in China Railway. TSDI and FSDIwere established in 1953, are large-scale comprehensive groups. Main business scope covers railway, urban rail transit, highway engineering, mapping, consulting, design, supervision, general contracting and other business-based survey and design.

After establishment,two TSDI and FSDI complete more than 108,000 km railway survey and design equivalent 2/3of the national railway mileage. Anumber of projects are topsin China, Asia, the world, suchas Beijing-Kowloon (Hong Kong) Line – China’s milestone inone-time railway construction (longest mileage, largest investment), Zhengzhou Hub – Asia's largest railway terminal junction, Zhengzhou-Xi’an Highs-peed Line – the world's first large-scale high-speed railway on collapsible loess, Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Line – China’s first 350 km/h railway, Beijing South Railway Station – China's first large modern integrated hub, and so on.

Elite series are going to be applied on protecting the railway project budget and data analysis software which is widely used by bureaus of the Ministry of Railway, and Design Institute, Engineering Bureau, occupying more than 90% of software market share in China’s railway software. As the data being protected is crucial for public security, TSDI and FSDI are extremely strict and cautious in opting dongles. Elite series made by Senselock have leading indicators in the security, stability, function, quality, service, technical capacityin comparison with other similar products,and ultimatelywin the bid. Senselock is successfully recognized as a long-term partnerto TSDI and FSDI as well. Up to now, thousands of sets Elite dongles are beingused in most advanced high-speed railway in China. (Beijing-Shanghai, Wuhan-Guangzhou,Shijiazhuang-Wuhan, Chengdu-Chongqing) and collect great comments from clients.

The cooperation is not only a regular business but also a powerful support to consolidate the leadership of Senselock in software protection in China. (Keywords: 50% domestic market share, over 3000 clients, the value of software being protected is $735m)